The team of the award-winning documentary film ALICE STREET is excited to announce our 2022 National Impact Tour. Over the course of the year, we will host a series of powerful screening events across the United States in collaboration with local partners.  We are building partnerships with municipalities and diverse organizations—including museums, public art groups, art houses and theaters, housing equity groups and more!

At this critical time, the inspiring ALICE STREET story of community empowerment and coalition-building through art is key to shifting the national conversation towards a public-art approach to social justice.


  • Crowdsource ideas & strategies to protect cultural communities from displacement
  • Build cross-cultural coalitions centered on achieving justice for all
  • Support local organizations by engaging people in a concrete way to take action

Hear what people are saying about ALICE STREET screenings…


“I will always remember this great event, the beautiful evening, the outstanding panel, and your award winning film. Great memories and a cause to build inspiration in our community.”

— Ruth Saludes, Executive Director Arte Americas (Fresno)

“There was great dialogue and connection among them that I feel can grow into something impacting in the community in its anti-gentrification work.”

— Helen Aldana, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History


Running time: 70 minutes
1920p, 16:9
Director: Spencer Wilkinson
Produced by: Endangered Ideas
Finishing Editor: Jon Ayons Alonso
Cinematography by: Demondre Ward, Ayse Gursoz & Spencer Wilkinson
Original Score by: Micah Berek
Supervising Sound Editor: James Berek
Translations by: Victor Luo



Press Contacts:


Better Cities Film Festival, Urban Arts Award
Thin Line Film Festival, Social Impact Award
Oakland International Film Festival, Audience Choice Award for Feature Documentary
Mindfield Film Festival, Best Documentary


Stir Arts and Culture Vancouver: “At a time when society has never seemed more divided, arts and culture can bring people together.”
East Bay Express: “‘Alice Street’ captures the history of a once-booming arts district and its struggle to save a mural that represents it”
The Oaklandside: “tells the story of an Oakland mural that sparked a movement”
SF Streetsblog: “The director used the fight to paint the mural–and to save it from the wrecking ball–as a metaphor to explore the history of Oakland’s Asian and African communities”
KQED: “a giant artwork birthed out of years and years of community conversations and the artists’ commitment to the concept.”
Cedar City Utah: “form an unlikely partnership to tackle their most ambitious project to date”
Voice of Orange County: “Community Engagement presents free rooftop screening and artist talk”
Independent Record: “After being selected by 25 film festivals over 2020-2021, “Alice Street” has been on a national social impact tour.”
The Pajaronian: “They had to struggle, fight for a seat at the table with developers”
LA Progressive: “The film shows how a coalition of artist-led efforts and organizations joined forces to fight against gentrification.”


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More praise for ALICE STREET screenings…

“Your documentary is fantastic, engaging, and an of-the-moment essential for communities such as Downtown Santa Ana. I would say keep identifying communities that are having similar conversations about development and gentrification, and find avenues to bring your film, and post-screening discussions, to these communities.”

— Madeleine Spencer, Executive Board Member at Community Engagement

“To be screening Alice Street could not be more timely and relevant for our Bay Area community. This documentary speaks perfectly to one of the major goals of our festival, which is to raise awareness about the most pressing issues in our community through art and storytelling.”

— Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi, Founder, Fist Up Festival