When the development of a luxury condominium threatens a local mural depicting the diverse culture of the neighborhood, a community in a rapidly gentrifying city rallies to protect its history, voice, icons, and land.

Rooted in tradition, Baba Tacuma King embodies the terrain of cultural evolution that links indigenous technologies with innovative methodologies. Baba Tacuma is a master percussionist & master teacher. He is one of the founding members of Bay Area Youth Arts, with William Ktanses and violinist Tarika Lewis, where he and Jessica Feliz created a free arts program providing inner-city youth with instruction in African drumming and dance addressing the need for positive cultural interventions in the lives our youth. Baba Tacuma embodies the element of Earth as he is the land bridge between indigenous technologies and surprising innovation. (Source: http://www.matatufestival.org/eventguide2015/2015/9/14/democratics-decolonizing-the-imagination)