When the development of a luxury condominium threatens a local mural depicting the diverse culture of the neighborhood, a community in a rapidly gentrifying city rallies to protect its history, voice, icons, and land.

Producer, singer, songwriter and emcee, Korise J. a.k.a. BIGTUNES embodies the very essence of the innovative, multidimensional artist. From his first project Use It as a Tool with former Hip Hop group Boogieshack, Korise J has contributed a caliber of musicianship to
the Bay Area music scene that has consistently stretched the artistic bar many times over. An Oakland native, raised in an era when west
coast Hip-Hop made its inedible mark on the entire music industry, Korise adapted the Bay Area’s tendency to be a catalyst for auditory innovation and visual excellence.

His various contributions to Bay Area music include works with local groups: Jahi PE2.0, Holly Saucy, Malika, Heavy Weight Dub Champions, Kaz Kyah, Cole and Hazel Rose to name a few. Constantly tapping into his creative reservoir, these collaborations inspired Korise to redefine himself in rapid succession from artist, tocomposer, visual director to producer extraordinaire. Joint ventures with notable artists such as: Zion I, Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), Arrested Development, Soulstice, Dwayne Wiggins (Tony! Toni! Toné!), Femi, The Coup and Dead Prez, place BIGTunes (as he’s affectionately called) in the epicenter of the retro-neo- funk Hip-Hop, Future Soul movement that is emerging stealthily in the Bay Area.

Currently Korise is the co-founder of an artist platform known as TownFuturist. TownFuturist stepped into the fray to serve as a form of glue that pasted dynamic performers in venues, music videos and showcases that provided them visibility. Appearing first as a monthly event series, TownFuturist Sessions became the place that you went to see some of the freshest and most cutting edge singers, rappers, dancers, visual artists and bands in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Town Futurist is now a portal for artists be promoted, discovered and propelled throughout their communities and the world. It is a medium for artists to preserve their culture and find sustainable solutions to thrive in music today. They provide artists with the best tools for promotion via documentation, recording, editing, artist showcases and their Intimate Sessions web-series. At the helm holding down the controls of this progressive media movement is Korise “BigTunes” Jubert.

Korise Jubert