When the development of a luxury condominium threatens a local mural depicting the diverse culture of the neighborhood, a community in a rapidly gentrifying city rallies to protect its history, voice, icons, and land.

Kaya Fortune moved to the Bay Area 1982 to pursue an academic teaching career. He was drawn to the Bay Area because of its’ art scene, he saw it as a creative environment where he could pursue his own art career. He later focused on art education and became a teaching artist at MOCHA.  He wanted to inspire children by using the visual arts as a vehicle to give them the voice to be creative spirits.  He has shown his work during the last 20 years throughout the Bay Area.  He has co-founded a visual arts organization called “Soul Salon Ten”. He also collaborated on the “Hood Games” a series of organized skate boarding events for urban children in northern and southern CA. In addition, he created a fashion design company called “Afro Blue”, that focused on classic men’s fashion from the 30’s and 40’s with a contemporary style. He is exhibiting at Mercury 20 Gallery for the first time as an invited guest artist.