Two Oakland artists take on a massive mural in the city's downtown, only to find themselves at the center of the debate over gentrification and cultural resiliency.


Dave Young Kim is a muralist and studio-based artist. He received his MFA from Mills College and his BA at the University of California–Davis. As he grew up in Los Angeles in the 80s and 90s, he was inducted into the gang and graffiti scene that was prevalent at the time. These origins continue to influence his work today: Dave’s blend of Northern California academic credentials and Los Angeles street education come together in his commissioned work. Ranging from small- to large-scale, each mural he makes is a reflection of its surrounding community and the idea that we are all searching for a place to call “home.” He is currently working on the documentary film Interlaced about finding his Korean roots.
Dave resides in Oakland, CA, with his wife Elaine, infant daughter, and cat Honey Meow Meow. His works can be found in Norway, Korea, Mexico, and across the United States