When the development of a luxury condominium threatens a local mural depicting the diverse culture of the neighborhood, a community in a rapidly gentrifying city rallies to protect its history, voice, icons, and land.


Dance-A-Vision Entertainment has been in operation for over twenty-five years. Founded, and ran solely by Carla Service, Dance-A-Vision began as a safe place for the youth of Oakland to retreat during hardships in the home. Carla would allow and welcome these teens into her home, and would keep them occupied with school work, learning life skills, and dancing. Ultimately, these kids would graduate school, repair relationships with their families, and develop the skills to help them grow and express themselves in a healthy, positive way. For many of these at-risk youths, Dance-A-Vision was what kept them out of jail, off drugs, and off the streets of Oakland.

In 1994, the City of Oakland recognized the work that Carla was doing and the effect it was having on the youth in Oakland. To ensure the longevity of this work, City Council partnered with Parks and Recreation to reach out and offer Dance-A-Vision a proper venue to continue serving the community. Carla was offered space in the historic Alice Arts Center (now known as the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts), where she was told as long as she continued her work for the youth in Oakland, this space would be available to her at no cost. To this day, Carla continues to provide this program to the youth in Oakland free of charge, and Dance-A-Vision has expanded both nationally and internationally.